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Type: Black Tea Blend

Sticky, spicy, sweet & sexy.

Organic BOP Assam Black Tea, lovingly blended with toasted Indian spices & drenched in sumptuous honey to create a deeply satisfying, sticky, sweet, spicy & very sexy brew. Prepare to be seduced!

If you like your chai to taste like chai, then our Sticky Chai is the one for you. Kama Sutra Sticky Chai is the most authentic tasting masala chai blend in the UK, hand-crafted in Sheffield, U.K.

Easy to prepare at home with a pan, just a kettle, or using a coffee machine with frother. The perfect morning pick me up or afternoon treat.

We proudly use CTC BOP tea from the absolutely wonderful organic Hathikuli Estate, Assam, India, and here’s why we use this grade over whole leaf grades in our Sticky Chai Blend. If you’ve tried other pretty looking chai mixtures on the UK market and are disappointed with the flavour, then look no further.

Whole leaf is all the rage these days and it’s easy to understand why – it’s pretty! Well, our Sticky Chai isn’t whole leaf, it’s crushed, torn and curled (CTC) leaf. Why? Because increased surface area means more flavour and we believe teas should be pretty in the mouth, not just to look at! And after all, it’s what the Chaiwallahs use in India and it’s their Chai that sets the standard!

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