Essential Oil Pulse Point Remedy Rolls

Wild Swan

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Our remedy rolls are specially blended by hand, in Sheffield, using pure essential oils.

They are a handy pocket size too, so you can simply use these delightful remedy rolls at any time, anywhere.

Available in 3 scents;

1. 'Calma' - with lavender: helping to combat anxiety and restlessness, and even helps to relieve headaches. It's also very effective for helping you get a good nights sleep and on long-haul flights (helping you to dose off if you struggle to sleep on planes).

2. 'Zesty' - with orange: helping to enhance and lift your mood. It's effective for anyone suffering with depression.

3. 'Wild Rose' - with rosewood: helping to elimate feelings of fustration and settle anxiety. Effective for those who need to take some time out to relflect, and need a little help to take their mind off things.


* 10ml
* Vegan product
* Natural ingredients; Pure essential oils, floral water/grapeseed oil
* Rub on temples
* Rub on wrists and neckline on clothing

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