Natural Essential Oil Wax Melts

Wild Swan

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Our natural Essential oil wax melts are made from 100% eco soy wax, and pure high grade essential oils, which have been specially blended for your well-being.

Now more than ever down time and time to unwind is important for us all.

Simply add one cube to the top of your oil burner, and once it begins to melt you will instantly feel the benefits of this beautiful scent which will fill the whole room with a beautiful aroma (that will last), and as it comes into contact with your scenes it will start to soothe you from the inside out helping you to embrace calm, as well as creating a cosy and calming atmosphere.

Because we are staying in our homes more it's important that we try to limit the amount of toxins that we allow into our homes. By using only eco soy wax, and pure high grade essential oils, our wax melts are free from synthetic materials and fragrances.

Our 'Wild Rose' wax melt contains Rosewood & Cedarwood pure high grade essential oils, and real dried rose petals.

Each cube should last for around 5-6 hours.

Each packet contains 6 cubes.


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