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Type: Oolong Tea

Where: Phoenix Mountain

Elevation: 600m

Liquor: Light honey

Aroma: Creamy, butter & mango

Flavour profile: Cream, buttery and sweet fudge flavours. Floral – honey orchid & apricot leading to a warm, perfectly smooth tropical finish of mango & honey

Mouthfeel: Unctuous with slightly dry last



This exceptionally smooth, light Dan Cong Oolong Tea from Phoenix Mountain is an afternoon treasure.

The light honey liquor gives aromas of cream & butter with gentle notes of mango coming surfacing, particularly once you have indulged in the tasting.

To drink, which is why we’re here(!), we begin with buttery sweet fudge offset by floral notes of honeysuckle and gentle apricot, leading to a perfectly smooth finish of mango & honey. An unctuous mouthfeel with a slightly dry last.

The dry leaves are long, twisted, dark brown leaves, full of aroma, turning to mottled green & brown when wet, showing the 30-40% oxidation of the leaf that leads to the gentle flavour. The aroma of the cooled wet leaves is like a fresh tropical fruit salad!

This tea is not roasted like many oolongs, allowing a fresher, more gentle flavours and aroma of the environment shine through.

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