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More Bees Please

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Our Fabulous Balms are made with the wax from our own Bees. Not only are you getting an excellent all natural skin care product, you are also helping with Saving the Bees and the planet.

Using Beeswax on beards and moustache's helps to style and keep the hairs together as well as keeping hair soft and clean. Because it's a sealant it will also repel dirt, grime and moisture, as well as keeping the hair shiny.

Oils that are removed from your skin with facial hair, are replenished and they will help alleviate dry skin and skin irritations, making you look and feel great!

Its generous topical application, tones & conditions, leaving the skin feeling clean, fresh & smooth.


Bay Rum oil with a hint of Lime, leaves you smelling great! It’s aftershave for your facial hair.

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