Well here we are again - hunkered down for the safety of all. It's a tough time of year anyway, with the cold and dark days, without the extra restrictions. But we've managed it once, we can do it again. And hopefully the world will be a bit brighter on the other side.

In the meantime, we're still here for online orders and click and collect.

Postage is £1 for orders under £3.
Or £3 2nd class and £4 1st class above that.

You can opt for click and collect if you're local and want to pop by for your order. Just avoid using ApplePay Checkout or PayPal Checkout as they bypass the option to select postage. (You can still pay with those methods at the end of the order - just not use their checkouts - silly website design).

Our collections hours are:
Mon 3-5
Wed 11-1
Thu 3-5
Sat 11-3

We can also send things out direct to recipients if you're wanting to send gifts wrapped or card ready written (we'll use our bestest hand writing). Just let us know during checkout.

We'll be getting more things listed day by day. If there's anything you can't find then just bob us an email and we can get it listed quickly for you.

Find as much of the things in life that keep you safe and sane. This too shall pass. We shall see you soon. 💛💛💛