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Type: Black Tea Blend

Liquor: Dark copper

Aroma: Malty, rich caramel and dried fruit

Flavour profile: Rich and malty with dark fruit notes. Powerful without being overbearing



Batch Breakfast is a rich blend of Assam, Darjeeling and Ceylon teas, which aims to pack a strong, punchy flavour for the discerning tea drinker.

We’re big fans of a mug of ‘builder’s tea’ and we wanted to create a tea that’s not easy to forget. We tried really hard to get this one right and we (and quite a few other people we’ve talked to…) think we did!

The English Breakfast blend is without doubt the most famous tea blend in the world, and certainly the most consumed tea here in the UK. Everyone’s got their favourite, and for some people this is all that tea is. Many people also know Scottish Breakfast Tea, traditionally a stronger brew, and also Irish Breakfast Tea, also stronger and more malty infusion than English Breakfast.

But Batch Breakfast isn’t any of those. It’s kind of the best bits of all 3. It’s Batch Breakfast.

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