You Glow Girl! – Facial Oil for Radiance

You Glow Girl! – Facial Oil for Radiance

Lovely Skincare

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You Glow, Girl!

Try our Lovely facial oil for radiance, made with the most precious cold-pressed plant oils and steam-distilled essential oils.

This facial oil has a silky smooth texture and is used in place of your usual moisturiser in small quantities – start by trying 3 drops. We specially selected these plant oils for their brightening and smoothing properties as well as their low chance of clogging pores, so this oil shouldn’t cause you to break out. Over time, this oil could help to even out skin tone, brighten and tighten the skin and smooth any rough patches.

This Lovely facial oil is vegan and cruelty free. All of our Lovely products are made by hand in Sheffield and tested only on Lovely human beings.


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